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Back to TAFE

This week has been my first week back at TAFE after a 3 week break. This entire year I have been forcing myself to just keep my chin up and get through one day at a time, because from the start there's been minimal assignments that I've been interested in or feel will benefit me. The assignments are mostly technical/advertising/studio work, which is something I personally have no interest in pursuing. Photography is my passion and I am finding it incredibly difficult to stay passionate about it as this year of TAFE goes on...I have 6 weeks left which doesn't sound like long but if it goes as slowly as the last two days have gone I am going to struggle.

The past two days I have gone to TAFE, and the classes have been 'self directed', the lecturer hasn't shown up, or things have been changed around so assignments I tried to do early ended up needing to be redone. I get up at 6am and travel all the way to the city to sit and spend the day doing absolutely nothing productive.

Almost all of the assignments I have completed this year have been done either on my own or with the assistance of an assignment brief sheet - It feels like I work for the lecturers, rather than I am being taught by the lecturers (Generalizing here, because I know some of the lecturers put a lot of effort into their classes)

I have one lecturer who continuously makes people resubmit their work, and then teaches them what they should have done AFTERWARDS. I asked this same lecturer for help several times last semester and his answer was 'just experiment' and then he would come back past and criticize me on what I was doing. It is very aggravating when I'm already struggling for motivation in the first place.

I know I sound incredibly negative, but we're paying for education. I've spoken to several other diploma students and they feel the exact same way - actually everyone I have spoken to does. It's ridiculous, but I guess if I want my Diploma I have to push through.  

On a positive note I am incredibly glad I have a class full of positive, friendly, supportive people - I'm certain I wouldn't have made it this far without them.

So anyway for the next 6 weeks or so my TAFE workload is high and therefor my personal photography work will be low. I am counting the days until I finish and can start focusing on my self development, saving money and expanding my portfolio even more.  

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