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I hope you enjoy looking at my photos as much as I enjoy taking them.

Travel Bug

I have big dreams for myself - sometimes I even think that maybe I'm being ridiculous and unrealistic. I mean, I'm not hoping to one day learn to fly or become invisible - but I do want to travel the world. That is my ultimate dream. 

The idea of discovering wonderful, beautiful new places excites me more than anything. I live in quite a dull town, and asides from the beautiful beaches, all we have is houses, bush, kangaroos and snakes. (Okay, maybe being a little pessimistic) But I dream to be in a place where I can see waterfalls, walk among tall trees in the forest, mountains, and thick fog. I want to see foxes and deer or elephants and giraffes that live free without the restraint of zoo fences. I love being somewhere new - anywhere really. Nothing makes me more excited than staying somewhere else for a night, even if its an hour away from home.

My desire to travel has some irony behind it since my parents were especially careful to raise me in the same house, and keep me at the same school throughout my childhood - my mum moved schools a lot and lived in several different houses throughout her childhood and she said she never felt like she had a home, a feeling that she didn't want for me - I am extremely grateful for this. As a child I was quite shy and moving from primary school to a different high school was daunting enough for me. I love that I have a place I can call home. Although now, at this stage of my life - I want to travel and I want to explore.

In my spare time I often research inexpensive ways to travel the world and have come across multiple inspiring people and ideas. Once I spent the whole day researching and documenting beautiful places I dream of going to, I made a list, found photos and even marked them on the map. 


In the photos I've included in this post there are some places that I would love to visit that I have not marked or listed. James and I have been thinking about taking a trip together to Tasmania or New Zealand next year for example.

People ask me where I want to travel to and my answer is everywhere - although that is a little bit of a lie. I am aware that there are areas of the world that are safer left undiscovered, unfortunately. 

Until next time,  


P.S Got the Lonely Planet book for $6 off ebay! ($10 with postage) But It was the best buy ever, such a great book!



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