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I hope you enjoy looking at my photos as much as I enjoy taking them.

5 Years Holy Moly

James. Thank you so much for being you. The past 5 years with you have been the best of my life.  

Just some of the millions of things I'm thankful for. 

  • For the night I told you I was craving twisties and you came home with a packet for me the next day after work.
  • When I whinge about my appearance and you'll just come hold me and tell me i'm beautiful. 
  • When I wake up in the morning and you tell me this is how i'm most beautiful with no makeup and natural hair while any sane human would think I looked like a homeless person.
  • When i'm sick and you look at me as if you're wounded too.
  • the way you take care of me.
  • The way you tickle my back at night when I cant sleep
  • The way you say “dare me.” When you're too scared to commit to something and if i say “double dare you” you commit instantly. 
  • How crazy you can be sometimes, and being the only one lucky enough to see it.
  • The way you make me laugh. 
  • How you go into gymnast mode and try to do crazy ninja rolls and always fail but stand up and present as if it all went perfectly and you didn't almost kill yourself and break everything in our room.
  • the way it's 'our room' now
  • The way you try not to smile when you're proud of yourself for something but then when I catch you out for it you cant wipe the smile off your face. 
  • Your ace ventura strut when you're feeling confident/excited about something
  • The way we almost always order the same thing when we go out to dinner 
  • The way we still hold hands at the movies
  • the way you don't care if I get slack waxing my legs and your little motto is “as long as they're less hairy than mine” lol
  • How you've learned to come quick when I call you about a spider now and how you ignore my screaming at you when you take longer than 0.2 seconds to kill it
  • How cute you look in an apron :3
  • our ping pong tournaments
  • How you act like a professional photographer whenever you're holding my camera and act like you're photographing a supermodel when you're photographing nacho and charlie.
  • Our musical car trips & singing at the top of our lungs to christina aguilara together.
  • Being the most perfect human being I have ever met.

But I feel that, just as necessary...

 Things that are not so ok:

  • how you don't do the ahh before the choo. ;)
  • how you never look ugly ever and not because you try, just cos you're you, and I dont understand how a human being can be so perfect.
  • thats all i can think of. 
  • you're perfect
  • and 
  • amazing
  • and i love everything about you.

This is an old video I made 3 years ago, and James is probably going to cringe a little but I love it. It's honestly so hard to believe that we're the same Sam and James that are in that video. Long distance was hard. I wouldn't ever suggest anyone going to look for long distance relationships - but if you find someone you fall completely in love with and they don't happen to live near you, and they love you just the same amount. It can work if you are both 100% committed to making it work. I'm so glad James and I have the past we have and went through everything we did because I feel like we're the strongest couple in the world now. 

Preston Beach Getaway

Happy Birthday to my Jamesy