Samantha. 24. Perth. 
I hope you enjoy looking at my photos as much as I enjoy taking them.


Wow It feels like I disappeared from the face of the photography earth for a while. To be completely honest after TAFE finished I just barely even wanted to look at my camera. I told the beautiful Merlina that I was feeling uninspired and she suggested that we all spend a day at the Peel Zoo (my favourite place for photos) and so we did! I have a few photos which I am already really excited to get creative with, so keep an eye on my page and they should be up soon!

In the past few months life has taken an unexpected turn for the better. Out of nowhere I have been provided with a new wonderful opportunity to shape my future in a way which will allow me to follow all of my dreams which include taking photographs, traveling the world and helping people live a life full of prosperity. I can honestly say I have never ever been more excited for the future.