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Happy Birthday to my Jamesy

26th September 2014 - Family Dinner

Almost two years ago now James took the giant step of moving over from NSW to come and live with me and my family and conquer that terrible thing called long distance we went through for 2 and a half years. James is such a family orientated boy and it broke my heart thinking that him coming here would take him away from his family but he insisted that there would be more opportunity for us both over here. It was such a big step for him to move away from his family and friends to come here to an entirely new place where he knew no one but me and my parents, and I appreciate it so much. Yesterday was his 22nd Birthday and honestly I can't even begin to explain the incredible transformation ive seen in James as a person living with him the past two years. James is always perfect in my eyes and by no means would I ever ask him to change who he is but I'm so glad my (possible slight OCD) organisation traits have rubbed off on him. He went from not sure what he wanted to do in the future, to having clear goals of everything he's going to achieve, from waking up 5 minutes before he had to leave for work to getting up and having enough time to iron his clothes and make us both a cuppa' (sometimes ;D), from being shocking at saving money to buying his own car outright and him and I being ready to put a deposit on a house together next year, and most of all from being very shy to letting his true perfect self shine while others are around which makes me so happy. He inspires me every day, James is to me the exact perfect example of what people these days need to be more like, he gives more than he takes and he appreciates, never expects. Honestly he'll be there for anyone and everyone who ever needs it. For his birthday we told James we'd do a dinner at home with mum and dad and then I told him I'd take us out to a nice dinner the next night, little did he know I had arranged for some of his closest friends to surprise him when we got there!

27th September 2014 - Surprise Dinner!

A big thank you to everyone who came last night for James' surprise dinner, I've never ever seen James so happy even after he got home he was smiling from cheek to cheek. James and I hang out with friends together and do double dates every now and then but I'm usually the one organising it, and I wanted James to know that he has friends over here that really love him and they don't just come for me they come for him as well. He said when we got home "I know its not good to like be selfish and for everything to be about you, but I think sometimes you need it a little bit and tonight made me really happy." Thanks again guys, we both love you all so much! :)

5 Years Holy Moly

Why did I go to Salt Lake City?