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I have to apologise for not keeping up with my blog while I was away. My days would usually start at 6am and end after midnight so by the time I uploaded photos and started writing I wasn't getting to sleep until 1/2am and with all I was doing all my body wanted to do was rest. 

I can't explain how it feels to be home other than i feel like I've left a piece of myself behind in Kauai and as silly as it sounds I feel almost incomplete here at home. I try to explain why but it feels almost impossible because I know no one really gets it. "You can't be upset every time you leave a beautiful place Sam" mum says, but it's so much more and like I said it's so hard to express fully with words other than ive never felt SO content with absolutely everything than in those 4 days in Kauai.

All of the activities we did and places we went were indescribably beautiful, but even more than I fell in love with what we did and where we went, the littlest things captured my heart while we were away. 

I don't think I mentioned in my last post that Jo and I stayed at a local's house, called Casey. He shares out rooms in his house for people to stay and as soon as we saw his beautiful house surrounded by fruit trees and near the ocean we said we have to stay there. We were expecting Casey to pick us up from the airport when we arrived but instead he had sent his brother and his brothers friend as he was busy at the house. At first Jo and I were a little anxious having no idea who these strangers were that we'd be getting in the car with but as soon as James pulled up smiling all we felt was friendly vibes and then Danny came up to us saying he'd been looking for us and both of them were incredibly nice right away. On our drive to Caseys we talked about our flights and what we had planned for our time there and we told them that we wanted to see as many beautiful places as possible and that we hadn't booked any tours or anything yet. Danny was visiting from New York and James told us that he was showing Danny around all of the best spots on the island and they both said they were more than happy for us to tag along, and that they could help us save a lot of money. We were so grateful. Just driving through Kauai absolutely amazed me, it felt like we had entered another world untouched by human hands, there was greenery everywhere and it was so beautiful. We arrived at Caseys and it was dark, Jo and I hadn't slept for at least 30 hours so we were exhausted but we introduced ourselves to Casey, his mum and his girlfriend Lauren and then went  to our room to get ourselves settled. Our overall first impression was really really good and I was so excited for what the next 4 days would have in stall. I'm not going to write out everything we did because I've put together a video which will show a compilation of photos and videos from each day, but I will talk about those little things that really captured my heart. 

When I tell people about my trip I say it felt like we stepped out of society and out of "the real world" no one was consumed by technology, our house had no TV, and we never used our phones unless it was to take photos or upload photos late when we were home. Other than that the rest of the time was spent talking and experiencing everything that was around us and just being completely present. One of my favourite memories is each night when we'd get home and no matter how late it was we'd all sit around the table and talk for hours about anything and everything and really getting to know one another. I think my favourite night was the night that Danny put on Frank Sinatra and between conversation was singing along, and we all talked about movies, Danny showed us clips from action man films and we made them sit through the notebook trailer and it was so nice. We'd sit with Lauren and have deep conversations about America in comparison to Australia and it was so refreshing to be able to talk about people and really get to know them. Another little thing I liked was the music that played around town. It was always traditional Hawaiian music with ukuleles, or beachy music (like the beach boys) and it always made me feel happy. The locals in Kauai were so friendly and so chill - no one was in a rush and no one seemed stressed, they were always intrigued by our accents and everyone you walked past would greet you with a smile and say hello, there wasn't ever any sense of judgement and instantly you feel welcome anywhere you go. We'd walk around after hiking with dirt all over us and no one looked twice.

Overall the feeling I had while I was in kauai was free. And it was the best feeling in the world.

I put together a video of our entire trip,
I know the songs seem a bit random but they're the two that remind me most of the trip!

Next blog post will be about my Salt Lake City adventures!

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