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Birthday Girl!

Birthday Girl!

This is the first year ever where I'm not feeling mismatched with my age. (I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing!) But I feel 21. Last year when I turned 20 I remember saying "I still feel 17!!!" I'm not sure what has changed.

My birthday started on Monday since Jamesy had work tuesday. Mum and dad came in with prezzies which I wasn't expecting at all as we had said that they'd just give me money for this birthday. I felt so spoiled! James said that he wanted to give me his prezzie after work - which he did & is spoiling me to a weekend away next weekend! (so lucky!) 

Monday night we had a nice dinner, Spinach and mushroom cannelloni (yum!) and then we had my birthday cake for desert which mum made from scratch.  I'm not huge on parties and stuff and I really like just doing a little thing with my family so for me monday night was perfect and I was really happy. 

Tuesday was my actual birthday. The most overwhelming thing for me was all of the messages I was receiving wishing me a good day. I went through a stage just over a year ago where I felt very lonely and longed some more close friendships. The past year that has happened for me and I couldn't be more grateful. I feel like I've won the lottery with all of the beautiful people in my life and it's the best feeling in the whole world. Since we celebrated Monday night I wasn't expecting to do much during the day but my very beautiful amazing friends came over and surprised me with love & prezzies. Jo & David got me a travel pillow and sleep mask (not sure what its called) that were in world map material (just in time for our trip to america!) and Krispy Kreme donuts (the healthy kind of course....... :$) and Cina got me a beautiful indoor plant with some candles! (he brings out my inner zen) Seeing them walking up the driveway I'm like maaan im so lucky to have these guys! They stayed over for tea & coffee and we talked for hours about endless deep and controversial topics (this always happens with me and people I don't know why but I love it!) I love finding out what peoples passions are and what fires them up, and just learning about different opinions and opening my mind to them. 

Around 4pm it was time to get ready for James' tafe graduation. We drove to the city and he looked super handsome and I was heaps proud watching him get his certificate because I saw what he went through during his course and he worked so so hard.  After the graduation James and I decided to have a game on the pokies at the Casino since both of us had never done it before. We decided we'd put in $5 and then once we lose it no more. We ended up making $10 and feeling incredibly rich and proud haha (no wonder gambling is so addictive)

We met our beautiful friends Mel & Steve for dinner afterwards and I can't even explain how wonderful these two are. There's no words. Mel is incredibly talented and hand made my card & one of my prezzies, they also got me an elephant trinket box and the most beautiful ring that I can't stop looking at on my finger! It is incredibly delicate and has leaves and tiny diamonds on it. They're both so thoughtful and I admire Mel's present buying skills - she's literally unbelievable (at everything)! We had a great time with those two as always, Mel & I swapped cameras/lenses (long story lol) and then we headed home. 

Overall my main emotion for the day was extreme gratitude for the amazing people who have made their way into my life in the past year. I've made such wonderful friends through my new life decisions and adventures, and on my travels that I cherish so much, or even just who have added me from other social media platforms. I appreciate them all so much and have so much love for everyone in my life.
This is happiness.

As you guys may have seen I have started youtube!
I am a bit late with my second video just because the past few weeks have been craziness (camera wise & finding quiet time wise) But next monday a new video will be up and I'm really excited for it!
Thanks everyone for the support so far!


Mel designs websites & logos & all sorts of amazing things (a.k.a the wine label in the photos above!!), she does photoshoots, has a very very successful photobooth (the best you'll find in perth) and is pretty much the wonder woman of the arts. This is her website.
Weekend Away For My Birthday

Weekend Away For My Birthday

Everyone should keep at least one journal in their lifetime.

Everyone should keep at least one journal in their lifetime.