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Sam you are an amazing artist and I enjoy looking at all your beautiful shots!! I definitely need you to take some of me and my lover. As per Shannon’s comments below, I loved the photos you produced for her. I look forward to your future series :) x
— Schae Haskett
Samantha has wonderful talent and always shoots in her style which adds such a beautiful touch the photos she produces. Early this year (2013) Samantha photographed my partner Jayson and myself for our anniversary. The photos she produced were amazing and exactly the way we wanted them to turn out. Throughout the shoot she made us feel comfortable and relaxed so we look like ourselves in the photographs. Our friends and family loved the photos and they made great presents for them when their birthdays came around. I would recommend Samantha to anyone and am looking forward to her photographing my sisters engagement party as well as some portraits. Thank you for all the beautiful photos Sam and the many more to come!
— Shannon Klingsporn
As Samantha’s mum, I’ve watched her pour her heart and long hard hours into getting a photo just right. Hours in front of the computer screen, not quite satisfied until it’s just the way she wanted it to be or imagined and it’s always paid off. To say that I’m proud of her is an understatement. I’m her mum and totally biased but she can do incredible things with a computer and photoshop and a good imagination. She is a perfectionist, and won’t stop until it’s right in her eyes. I think her photos and artistic work speak for themselves.

Sam, I’m really really proud not just of your photos and working so hard to get this website up but also for the wonderful person you are. I’m so proud to be your mum.
— Silvia
Samantha is as much of an amazing photographer as she is an amazing person! Her photos are awe-inspiring and so creative. Her attention for detail is unmatched and her love for her work is incredible. Sam is also a true friend who is so supportive of others and of me - She is such an easy going fun person and I love going to her for advice with my photos and always know she will be truthful with me. Sam is truly talented and I am so proud of how much she has achieved for such a young age and know she will just keep climbing higher and higher with her amazing work. Keep up the good work Sam - I feel so privileged to have you as a friend and to share the same passion for photography! Love you!
— Merlina Lam