Samantha. 24. Perth. 
I hope you enjoy looking at my photos as much as I enjoy taking them.

My APPA Journey

The past few weeks have been very exciting and full of incredible opportunities. The Australian Institute Of Professional Photography (AIPP) holds a photography event every year in which you can enter and have your photos judged in hope of winning accreditation for your images. 

My lecturer was encouraging everyone to enter images although the entry fee was quite hefty, especially for a broke student who is trying to get by while paying for her studies.

Each year the lecturers also give 10 students the chance to have their images sent over by the TAFE and have all of the entry fees paid for for them. I entered, as well as multiple other incredibly talented Diploma and Advanced Diploma, and I was one of the 10 that were chosen! I couldn't believe it. I spend days trying to get the tones, colours, and printing of my images absolutely perfect. Followed by hours spent on mounting, until (finally) the images were ready to be send over to Melbourne. 

As well as paying the entry fee to the awards, my lecturers also payed for my Student Membership into the AIPP for a year, which is so exciting. I have a card with my name on it and everything it makes me feel so official, and as silly as it sounds its the first time I've really had hope of actually getting somewhere with my photography.

I was incredibly nervous for the awards as I already stuggle with my self confidence, and was worried that any harsh comments from the judges (especially on what i considered to be my strongest images) would be taken to heart. Although It turns out that every single one of my images got Silver Awards, with final scores all over 80 from the judges. I am incredibly proud of myself. Unfortunately I wasn't able to afford to go over to Melbourne this year, but two of my classmates went and I am eager to hear what the judges said about my photos, when they get back.


My Three APPA Prints